LCD measuring microscope

LCD measuring microscope is broadly used to examine and measure in various assembly of products, research and teaching field. These microscope have special LCD which makes it possible to easily view the things that are to be measured. The observation and analysis of microscopic objects simple and also provides zooming feature. LCD measuring microscope makes the inspection work tedious free. If the observation is to be done for long term these microscope are best as it comforts your eyes. Also this display allows more than one person to see the object clearly. This also allows length, width, diagonal and circular measurement of the surface.

LCD measuring microscope manufacturerFeatures:

  • High performance
  • Easy and fast observation
  • Accuracy
  • Clarity in inspection
  • High resolution

The LCD microscopes have high performance and are ideal for long distance working. As manufacturer and supplier of LCD measuring microscope we provide them in various dimensions as per the need. They have HD screen and integral CCD camera for images and videos. These microscopes are used in testing and inspecting of various products.